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AG1: Your smart nutritional habit

AG1 is a daily Foundational Nutrition supplement that supports physical and mental health. It’s a science-driven formulation of vitamins, minerals, good bacteria, and whole food sourced nutrients that support cognition2, energy metabolism1, and the immune system3.

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Benefits of daily use

Wellbeing & Foundational Health

AG1 supports key health areas every day: mental fitness4, bones5, heart6, skin, hair, nails7 & hormones9.

Immune System

Copper, folate, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B12, B6, and C contribute to normal function of the immune system.

Energy Metabolism

Copper, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamine and vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B12, B6 and C contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Muscle Recovery

Copper, selenium and zinc and vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in one convenient daily serving. One Scoop, 8 ounces of water. It's all you really need, really.

One Time Purchase
$3.30 Per Serving
Try out AG1:
  • 30 Servings of AG1 in a Single Pouch
  • Ships Once

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Single Subscription
$2.63 Per Serving
Best for starting your new healthy habit
  • 30 Servings of AG1 in a Single Pouch
  • Delivered Monthly
  • Free Starter Kit: Premium Jar & Shaker
  • No Commitment, Pause or Cancel Anytime
  • 10 FREE Travel Packs**

90-day money back guarantee

Best Value

Double Subscription
$2.48 Per Serving
Best for 2 daily drinkers or increased usage:
  • 60 Servings of AG1 in Two Pouches
  • Delivered Monthly
  • Free Starter Kit: Premium Jar & Two Shakers
  • No Commitment, Pause or Cancel Anytime
  • 10 FREE Travel Packs**

90-day money back guarantee


No GMO’s, No Herbicides or Pesticides, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives or Sweeteners.


Whole body benefits in one scoop

Even with the best diet, some nutrients can be hard to get. That’s why AG1 delivers optimal amounts of nutrients in forms that help your body thrive.*

Gut health

AG1 supports gut health with soothing, easy-to absorb ingredients that boost digestion and help ease bloating.*

Gut health

Prebiotics and probiotics work together with digestive enzymes to promote a strong gut barrier and boost nutrient absorption, helping your ability to break down food and have regular bowel movements.*

Noticeable change

“The impact on my gut health is amazing. That alone is worth using the product.”

Werner M. 5/30/23
Focus & energy

Adaptogens and minerals help you feel sharp and focused while supporting your daily energy levels.*

Energy you can feel

Rhodiola, magnesium, B vitamins, and more optimize your body’s resilience to stress so your energy is sustained without lulls.*

Great tasting & energy boosting!

“AG1 is nutrient packed and very easy to incorporate into your daily routine!”

Erica T. 9/15/23
Stress & mood balance

Adaptogens and essential micronutrients help you feel calm and relaxed by balancing your body’s response to various types of stress.*

More nutrients for less stress

Folate helps build mood-supporting neurotransmitters, while minerals like magnesium promote relaxation in the body.*


“Great flavor and after continual use, I can definitely feel the difference in stress levels, and overall wellness.”

ERIC T. 4/01/23
Immune defense

You feel strong and nourished thanks to AG1’s essential nutrients that support a healthy immune system.*

Everyday immune support

Vitamin C, zinc, functional mushrooms, and more work together to increase antioxidant stores in the body, which help combat environmental stress.*

Love it!

“Love the support to my immune system. Awesome!”

ROBERT C. 5/12/20

One scoop. Once a day. Every day.

AG1 supports you – from the energy-yielding metabolism2 in your cells to the natural apperance of your skin7.

We've worked hard for AG1's taste, all without compromising our formula. We never use any artificial sweeteners, added sugar, or hidden ingredients.

All you have to do with AG1 is mix one scoop with 250-350ml of water, shake – done. It's something you drink once a day.

Optimized for everyone. Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-friendly.

We set the bar for quality

Using the latest science, we select the most effective and bioavailable form of every single ingredient in AG1 to deliver the highest possible quality and value.

Recommended by top health experts & performers

Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist, Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been using AG1 by Athletic Greens since 2012 because it’s the simplest, most straightforward way for me to get my basis of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.”

Allyson Felix

Entrepreneur, Seven-time Olypmic Gold Medalist, AG1 Partner

"I love the simplicity of adding AG1 to my daily routine. It's so easy to start my day adding my AG1 to a smoothie and allows me to drink it on the go. I've noticed a big shift in how I feel with a boost in energy and in my recovery. It's also reassuring to know that my nutritional bases are covered"

Sir Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula 1 Champion, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been drinking AG1 every single day for a few years and it’s become a key part of my routine. As a daily clean, green source of energy - it tastes great, is convenient to take on the road, and is complete enough to be an all-in-one supplement. I love that it’s a really easy way to improve my overall health.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I drink my AG1?

AG1 can be taken at any time of the day, ideally 10 minutes before a meal. We recommend dissolving AG1 in 300 ml of cold water. Drink it daily and make it part of your morning routine if you like.

What is the difference between subscription and one-off purchase?

What benefits can I except from consuming AG1?

Should I drink AG1 daily?

What makes AG1 different from other supplements?

How does AG1 taste?

How do I take AG1?

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