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Support your immune defense, energy & metabolic efficiency, and mental performance with AG1. One scoop contains a science-driven formulation with comprehensive nutrients that work together to deliver foundational nutrition to support whole body health.*

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Supports gut health*

Supports metabolic efficiency*

Immune support*

Top rated taste

Backed by research

Third party tested

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Gut health

Pre- and pro-biotics aid long-term digestive health and mitigate GI stress during training and races by providing support against bloating and digestive irregularity.*

Immune health

Antioxidants support immune defenses during demanding training to help maintain physical vitality all season long.*

Energy & metabolic efficiency

Micronutrients help produce the energy you need to meet your training demands by contributing to normal carbohydrate and glycogen metabolism.*

Physical health & recovery

Daily nutrient replenishment aids recovery and adaptation to training schedules while bolstering cardiovascular and red blood cell health to help deliver oxygen throughout the body.*


Trusted by the world’s best IRONMAN® athletes

Lucy Charles-Barclay

IRONMAN World Champion 2023, 4x 2nd at IRONMAN World Championship, IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion 2021

"AG1 has been a game-changer for me in areas like supporting my immune system, energy levels, and mental performance. I find AG1 to be equally beneficial during my training and in the off-season to keep me healthy."

Gustav Iden

IRONMAN World Champion 2022, 2x IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

"With AG1, I have found a daily solution for my body that I can take with me anywhere in the world and this has supported me in taking greater ownership of my own health."

Sebastian Kienle

IRONMAN World Champion 2014, 2x IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, Challenge Roth Champion 2018

“For me, AG1 is not just a nutritional supplement but a comprehensive foundation to my diet.”

Laura Philipp

3rd at IRONMAN World Championship 2023, IRONMAN European, Champion 2021 & 2022, IRONMAN World Record (8:18:20)

"With AG1 I feel confident I have covered a broad range of my nutritional needs. AG1 supports me daily by nourishing my body with the right 'building materials' (nutrients) in order to help my recovery and function at my best."

Sam Laidlow

IRONMAN World Champion 2023, 2nd at IRONMAN World Championship 2022

"AG1 is unique and more importantly easy to use. Health is the most underrated pillar of performance and AG1 gives me the piece of mind covering a big part of my daily nutritional needs in one simple scoop."

Daniel Baekkegard

70.3 European Champion 2022, 3rd at IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2021

"My body is under constant stress due to the high volume of intense training as well as the non-stop travel. I am a big fan of AG1's simple daily foundational nutrition that helps me support my immune health."

Kat Matthews

2nd at IRONMAN World Championship 2021, 2nd at IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2023

"I've been able to easily integrate AG1 into my morning routine and have been impressed with the focus it gives me going into the day and I am excited to support so many different areas of health and wellbeing with just one simple product."

Braden Currie

3x IRONMAN Asia Pacific Champion 2023, 3x top 10 results at the IRONMAN World Championships

"I have been using AG1 for months as part of my morning routine to give me an extra boost before the intensity of my training day begins. This daily habit has supported me both physically and mentally, and I am incredibly proud to represent AG1 which was founded by a Kiwi and originated here in New Zealand."

Timothy O'Donnell

2nd at IRONMAN World Championship 2019, 6x top 10 results at the IRONMAN World Championships

"AG1 is my foundational nutrition, helping me support my immune system and energize my body so I can keep up with both my training and my kids. This one simple habit has been a game changer!"

Get started with your AG1 Welcome Kit**
Get started with your AG1 Welcome Kit**
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Ingredients optimized for impact

Every scoop of AG1 works to deliver comprehensive daily nutrition with ingredients that are carefully sourced for absorption, potency, and nutrient density.

Vitamins & minerals

Supports metabolic health & cell renewal*

Pre & probiotics

Support healthy aging and immune defense*

Stress adaptogens

Boost nutrient absorption and support digestion*


Promote mental clarity and mood balance*

Superfoods & mushrooms

Support physical healthy with phytonutrients*

Digestion support

Boost nutrient absorption while soothing digestion*

Researched. Studied. Continuously Improved.

In a single-arm study participants self-reported feeling positive impacts on energy, digestion and stress.

of participants felt more energy
noticed less gas & bloating
of participants felt more calm
noticed less cravings during the day

In a third-party, single-arm study conducted on 35 healthy adults ages 25-48 assessing the self-perceived efficacy of AG1 over 3 months.

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Millions of days begin with AG1

45,852 verified 5 star reviews from our customers

Too legit to quit

Truly makes me feel better everyday. Been doing it a month and my energy has never been more consistent.
James J.

Healthy and delicious

I have tried more supplements than I can count over the last 25 years. I can feel the energy pouring into my body daily as I enjoy this palatable, nutritious multivitamin.
Teri C.

Love the energy

I have the same amount of energy, roughly, as I did 25 yrs ago (currently 47). I'm looking forward to maintaining that trend and supporting my health over time.
Chris M.


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Why is there no vitamin D in the AG1 formula?

Vitamin D3 is best absorbed in liquid form, and works even better when consumed with vitamin K2.* So, to ensure you’re getting nutrients in a more useful form, we offer AG Vitamin D3+K2 liquid nutrient drops as part of our welcome offer. It includes an easy-to-use dropper that allows for individualized dosages and flexibility to fit into your daily needs.

What products does AG1 replace?

How do I take AG1?

How does AG1 taste?

Is AG1 suitable for my diet?

Eliminate the need to mix and match handfuls of individual supplements.

Simplify your whole body health routine with one scoop a day. That’s it.