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How AG1 works? 1. Mix one scoop of AG1. 2. With 8oz of cold water. 3. Shake well. 4. Enjoy the taste of pineapple and vanilla.
Feel the power of one. Cost breakdown of supplements vs AG1
Obsessively curated product. 75 ingredients chosen for maximum impact. 950 product safety tests.
"I've taken AG1 daily for a decade, and it's an unparalleled product." Dr. Andrew Huberman, PhD, Neuroscientist & host of The Huberman Lab, AG scientific advisor
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37,776 Verified 5-star reviews

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Science-driven nutrition supplement

Third-party certified for safety

Trusted by leading doctors and scientists

75 ingredients your body can easily absorb

Optimized for flavor without artificial sweeteners

Continuously improved since 2010

High-quality ingredients

Every scoop of AG1 works to deliver comprehensive daily nutrition with ingredients that are carefully sourced for absorption, potency, and nutrient density.

Vitamins & minerals

Aid in efficient metabolism and cell renewal

Pre & probiotics

Boost nutrient absorption and support digestion

Stress adaptogens

Promote mental clarity and mood balance


Support healthy aging and immune defense

Superfoods & mushrooms

Support physical healthy with phytonutrients

Digestion support

Boost nutrient absorption while soothing digestion

Why AG1?

Healthy Aging

AG1 provides the nutrients that support the foundational needs of the body as it ages, including stress, digestion, immune function, cognitive health, and more. Growing older is something we all have in common and there's no quick fix for healthy aging, but AG1's ingredients raise your baseline health every day. Just a few seconds drinking AG1 every morning can pay off for decades.

Gut Health





How do I know if AG1 is right for me?

AG1 is great for anyone who wants to ensure their nutritional needs are met on a daily basis. It fills in the gaps where your diet falls short and provides the support you need to combat life’s daily stressors. Whether you are looking to overcome nutrient deficiencies or are training hard or traveling frequently, AG1 provides nutritional support when you need it most. AG1 is suitable for adults of all ages and lifestyles, including athletes and those following specialty diets. Children, pregnant or nursing women should seek professional medical advice before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

When should I expect to see benefits?

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How does AG1 taste?

What makes AG1 different from other nutritional products?

What products does AG1 replace?

What measures do you take to ensure the quality of AG1?

How do I take AG1?

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“Drinking AG1 first thing in the morning has led me to make better food choices throughout the day. It has also helped a lot with my digestion.”

Renee C., 10/30/23

“I love the AG1 Travel Packs. It is nice to keep a few in my suitcase and not travel with the whole bag. There was no excuse for missing a daily dose.”

Natalie C., 10/30/23

“I have tried several other green drinks and I came back to this one. I drink it first thing before coffee in the morning and I can tell a difference! I highly recommend.”

Jodie G., 10/30/23