Our Quality Standards

We've spent over a decade in pursuit of creating the highest-quality Foundational Nutrition supplement. We think about quality through four considerations. And at each step of the process, we go above and beyond industry standards.

01 – Expert-led scientific research
Since 2010, we have invested in science and scientific research to better understand the complex and crucial role nutrition plays in overall health.

Led by a team of doctors, scientists, and researchers across different disciplines

Published peer-reviewed research

Responsible innovation

Science-driven ingredients
Iterations and counting
02 – High-quality ingredients
We source the ingredients in AG1 for potency, purity, and synergy.



Quality-controlled sourcing

Innovative Proprietary Blends

03 – Industry-leading manufacturing
We obsess over product compliance, the standards of our manufacturing partners, and sustainable practices.

Strictest compliance standards for safety.

We go above and beyond industry requirements and proudly manufacture in facilities that are TGA® and NSF certified, ensuring they have some of the strictest regulations in the world.

Committed to making sustainable decisions

We’re Climate Neutral Certified, which means we’ve chosen to be accountable for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operation, and shipping of AG1, and offset those emissions each year.

04 – Rigorous testing
We go above and beyond by testing AG1 for 950 contaminants and banned substances compared to the industry standard of 10.

Proudly NSF® Certified for Sport

Relentless heavy metal testing

Tested for 500 various pesticides and herbicides

One scoop. Once a day.
Foundational Nutrition made easy.

Trusted by the best minds in science

Andrew Huberman, PhD

Neuroscientist and host of the Huberman Lab, AG1 Partner

“Most people are not interested in doing all the homework and legwork to figure out exactly what single-use supplements to take in what dosages. That’s one reason why, indeed, I have taken AG1 since 2012. I like it, it makes me feel better. I have more energy, I sleep better. My digestion is certainly better and it supports the gut microbiome. I do that for that reason.”

Peter Attia, M.D.

Physician, host of The Drive, and author of Outlive, AG1 Partner

"Longevity is predicated on five pillars, of which nutrition is an important one. The challenge is that it can be very difficult for people to get adequate and appropriate nutrition day in and day out. Therefore, having a foundational program like AG1 makes it easier to go on autopilot and get the important, essential nutrients that we want and need access to."

30,000+ Verified 5-star reviews


I’ve always had a hard time choosing the right multivitamin and having to take pills. AG1 has been a godsend for me. My gut feels better, I feel  more awake during the day and feel overall healthier and less sluggish.* 
James J.

I Love AG1

I feel so much better since I ditched my daily multivitamin and switched. I have energy. My stomach isn’t grumbling anymore. It gets delivered every month. It really couldn’t be any easier.*
Enrique J.

Long Time Customer

I have been using AG1 for at least 5 years. It’s much better than taking a multivitamin and it’s got a surprisingly good taste. It’s not bad at all. Their customer service is also some of the best I have ever experienced.
Andrea B.


Where do heavy metals come from?

Heavy metals can occur naturally in many whole foods. Anything that comes from the ground, including fruits, vegetables, and even drinking water, has the potential to contain some heavy metals and amounts can vary based on the soil content and geographical location of the source material. Our raw materials and every batch of AG1 is rigorously tested to ensure there are no unsafe levels of contaminants, including lead and other heavy metals, and that we always comply with legal limits. In the US, this process is verified by a third party, NSF International, in order for AG1 to be NSF Certified for Sport, and part of what ensures the high quality of the ingredients in AG1. This quality and our high standards have remained consistent.

Is AG1 organic?

What is bioavailability?

Is AG1 Kosher and Halal certified?

Does AG1 have natural flavors?