Text Message Terms

Electronic Consent - By clicking on the checkbox to receive text messages you consent to receive disclosures about text messages electronically, instead of in paper form. You can withdraw your consent to receive these disclosures at any time without penalty, and you can request a paper copy for no fee by calling us at 1-888-390-4029. You can also call us at that number to update your contact information. To ensure you receive and can retain the necessary disclosures, you must have a device (such as your mobile phone) with internet access, and either a printer or storage space to save the disclosures.

Additional Information – The following additional terms apply to our marketing text program:

By signing up to receive text marketing messages you consent to receive automatically-generated marketing text messages at the phone number you have provided, which you agree is your phone number. We anticipate sending [3] marketing messages a week, although there may be circumstances in which that may vary. Your consent is not a condition of purchase. Message and data rates may apply. You may tell us to stop sending you marketing text messages by replying STOP to any of our marketing texts; for Customer Service, type HELP in response to any of our marketing texts. You may also contact Athletic Greens at support@athleticgreens.com; 1-888-390-4029; or PO Box 29502 #20782, Las Vegas, NV 89126.