Get started with your AG1 Welcome Kit **

Get started with your AG1 Welcome Kit **

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Get started with your AG1 Welcome Kit **

Quality ingredients your body can actually use

We believe high-quality ingredients are those that truly work with your body. AG1 combines vitamins, probiotics, and whole food sourced nutrients in one daily scoop to deliver nutrition in ways the body can absorb and use effectively.*

90-day money back guarantee

Supports gut health*

Supports health aging*

Immune support*

Top rated taste

Backed by research

Third party tested

The ultimate standard for ingredient quality

Many supplements contain ingredients that are low in quality and hard for the body to process. AG1 makes it easy by carefully and obsessively sourcing our ingredients for bioavailability: the extent to which your body can absorb and use nutrients.

01 – Absorption

AG1 sources vitamins and minerals in a form your body can absorb easily, allowing you to get the most out of the nutrients you take in.*

02 – Potency

AG1 uses concentrated extracts to isolate the most powerful part of plants, increasing their potency, so your body can receive their intended benefits.*

03 – Nutrient Density

The more nutrient dense a food is, the greater amount of nutrition it provides. We source our superfoods and functional mushrooms for nutrient density.*

Ingredients optimized for impact

Every scoop of AG1 works to deliver comprehensive daily nutrition with ingredients that are carefully sourced for absorption, potency, and nutrient density.

Vitamins & minerals

Aid in efficient metabolism and cell renewal

Pre & probiotics

Boost nutrient absorption and support digestion

Stress adaptogens

Promote mental clarity and mood balance


Support healthy aging and immune defense

Superfoods & mushrooms

Support physical healthy with phytonutrients

Digestion support

Boost nutrient absorption while soothing digestion

We set the bar for quality — and keep raising it

Since 2010, AG1 has held ourselves to the highest standards of quality. From our research, to sourcing, to manufacturing and testing, we go above and beyond industry standards to bring you a safe and effective product.

Obsessively curated product
Ingredients chosen for maximum impact
Product safety tests
Iterations and counting
Raise the standard. Get your AG1. 
75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients
Comprehensive nutrition in one simple scoop
Build a healthy daily habit in one minute per day
Promotes gut health, supports immune health, boosts energy, and more*
Backed by our Scientific Advisory Board
90-day money back guarantee
Update or cancel anytime

45,852 verified 5 star reviews from our customers

Best start of the day

I love this product. I feel like it’s a multivitamin that my body is actually absorbing.
Rebekah B.

My love for AG1

I appreciate that AG1 is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients. It gives me peace of mind.
Kellie M.

Essential vitamin intake

I took 10 different vitamins before trying AG1. The convenience of drinking all I need in one scoop is working well for my body!
Bonnie B.

Recommended by top health experts & performers

Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist, Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been using AG1 by Athletic Greens since 2012 because it’s the simplest, most straightforward way for me to get my basis of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.”

Allyson Felix

Entrepreneur, Seven-time Olypmic Gold Medalist, AG1 Partner

"I love the simplicity of adding AG1 to my daily routine. It's so easy to start my day adding my AG1 to a smoothie and allows me to drink it on the go. I've noticed a big shift in how I feel with a boost in energy and in my recovery. It's also reassuring to know that my nutritional bases are covered"

Sir Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula 1 Champion, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been drinking AG1 every single day for a few years and it’s become a key part of my routine. As a daily clean, green source of energy - it tastes great, is convenient to take on the road, and is complete enough to be an all-in-one supplement. I love that it’s a really easy way to improve my overall health.”


What products does AG1 replace?

One daily serving of AG1 eliminates the need for other supplements such as a multivitamin, probiotics, greens and superfood powders, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C tablets.

How do I know if AG1 is right for me?

What kind of benefits can I expect from taking AG1?

When should I expect to see benefits?

What makes AG1 different from other nutritional products?

What measures do you take to ensure the quality of AG1?

What does AG1 taste like?

How do I use AG1?