Why does my product say “WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to birth defects or other reproductive harm”?

This statement is legal text required by a California law called “Proposition 65.” Proposition 65 applies to over 900 different man-made and naturally occurring chemicals and substances. For example, “aspirin” is on the Proposition 65 list and both man-made and naturally occurring metals are on the list.

Why do your competitors’ products not have a warning?

All companies that sell products into California have to comply with Proposition 65. We cannot comment on the reasons why other companies do not to provide a Proposition 65 warning.

What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 is a California “right to know” law that requires companies to tell consumers if their products, including food, contain or cause an exposure to one or more of the chemicals on the State’s list.

Does this product cause reproductive harm?

All of our products are tested for safety. Proposition 65 warnings are required when the amount of a chemical in a daily exposure is anything more than 1/1000th of the amount that scientific studies have documented shows no observable effect on reproductive health.