Free VITAMIN D3 + K2 + 5 Travel PAcks**

Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3 + K2 & 5 AG1 Travel Packs**

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Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3 + K2 & 5 AG1 Travel Packs**

AG1: Your smart nutritional habit

AG1 is a daily Foundational Nutrition supplement that supports physical and mental health. It’s a science-driven formulation of vitamins, minerals, good bacteria, and whole food sourced nutrients that support cognition2, energy metabolism1, and the immune system3.

Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs**

Boosts Energy

Rhodiola, Magnesium, and B Vitamins support sustained energy throughout the day.*

Helps Recovery

Packed with superfoods, adaptogens + antioxidants. Trusted by the world's best endurance athletes.*

Promotes Gut Health

Prebiotics, probiotics and plant-based enzymes bolster digestion and nutrient absorption for your microbiome.*

Supports Immunity

Your daily dose of Vitamin C, zinc, functional mushrooms and more.*


Here’s what some of our friends are saying

Andrew Huberman

Host, The Huberman Lab Podcast

“I’ve been using AG1 since 2012 because it’s the simplest, most straightforward way for me to get my basis of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.”

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, Health Expert, 4 x #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“I take it in the mornings to ensure optimal performance. It just covers all my bases, if I can’t get what I need through whole food meals throughout the rest of the day...”

Robin Arzón

NY Times Bestselling Author and Ultramarathon Runner

“I’m always looking for ways to level up and improve my performance. AG1 allows me to keep up with the daily hustle that being a new Mom, busy executive, and athlete requires. I have more energy and recover faster after a tough workout because of this product...”

David Sinclair

Ph.D., Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

"I try to eat a diet that covers all my nutritional needs, but I am not always successful due to work and travel. I’ve been taking AG1 for years to ensure all my nutritional bases are covered, without spiking my blood glucose levels. I love that it tastes great, too."

Dr. Michael Gervais

Host of Finding Mastery and High Performance Psychologist

“For years I’ve used plant based supplements. AG has found the right combination of high grade micronutrients, absorption and taste. I mix it with water first thing in the morning, knowing that I’m starting my day with jam-packed nutrients that are hard to get in when I’m on the run. ”

Mark Hyman

Functional MD

“It’s really one supplement that covers so many bases and you’d be hard-pressed to find something else this comprehensive in one place.”

Vitamins, minerals, good bacteria, and whole food sourced ingredients in one convenient daily serving. One scoop, 250–350 ml of cold water. Once a day, every day.

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$3.30 Per Serving
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  • 30 Servings of AG1 in a Single Pouch
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Single Subscription
$2.63 Per Serving
Best for starting your new healthy habit:
  • 30 Servings of AG1 in a Single Pouch
  • Delivered Monthly, Pause or Cancel Anytime
  • Free Starter Kit: Premium Jar & Shaker
  • FREE Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs**

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Double Subscription
$2.48 Per Serving
Best for 2 daily drinkers:
  • 60 Servings of AG1 in Two Pouches
  • Delivered Monthly, Pause or Cancel Anytime
  • Free Starter Kit: Premium Jar & Two Shakers
  • FREE Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs**

90-day money back guarantee


No artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Our formula has continuously improved for over a decade.
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The proper balance of multivitamins and multiminerals is crucial for a well-functioning nervous system, and a fundamental building block of a strong immune system.
Probiotics support your gut health, enhance nutrient absorption and strengthen your immune system. Prebiotics are special types of fiber that feed those probiotics so they can multiply and establish an ongoing presence in your digestive system.
Phytonutrients from nutrient-dense superfoods build the foundation of whole-body health beyond basic nutrition by supporting the microbiome and key bodily systems. We obsess about sourcing high-quality superfoods at their ideal harvest time to optimize nutrient content.
Nutrient-dense superfoods support the microbiome and provide digestive support. Ingredients with naturally occurring enzymes that bolster the digestive process and enhance nutrient absorption.
Vitamins and minerals are the key to a well-functioning nervous system and building immunity. Our formula also contains immune-supporting mushrooms.
AG1 is full of adaptogens, an amazing class of herbs that help you adapt to stress. Adaptogens found in our formula include ashwaganda, reishi mushrooms, and so much more.

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