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Explore reviews of AG1 from health experts, professional athletes, and real customers to learn why they recommend it and understand if AG1’s comprehensive nutrition solution is right for you.

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Professional Athletes

Redbull athlete Angela Naeth

Angela Naeth

Red Bull Athlete, Pro Triathlete, Multiple Ironman/70.3 Champion, @iracelikeagirl founder, Lyme Disease Advocate, AG1 Partner

"With training and racing as an athlete, recovery is the main factor at play to maximize training benefits and being able to perform at my best. I use AG1 every morning to ensure I get a good dose of micronutrients, absorption, and support from the stress load my body has endured."

Nike trainer Patrick Frost

Patrick Frost

Nike Master Trainer, FrostFit Owner and Trainer, Fitness Model, AG1 Partner

"My morning ritual has become a staple in how the rest of my day unfolds. I love including AG1 into the mix because it kind of gives me that nutritional insurance I need when I’m traveling, trying to make gains in the gym and its hard to get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals even with a balanced diet."

Long distance runner Tina Muir

Tina Muir

Professional Long Distance Runner, 2:36 marathoner, Host of Running For Real Podcast, AG1 Partner

"For years it bothered me that I couldn’t get enough of the foods I needed to give me the health my body deserved, and now with a toddler, it was even harder. Until I was introduced to AG1. I was amazed how easily it fit into my routine, drinking this delicious combination before my daughter wakes up, and getting on with my day."

Alex Silver-Fagan

Alex Silver-Fagan

Nike Master Trainer, Founding Instructor at Mirror, Yoga Instructor, Creator, Speaker & All-around Boss, AG1 Partner

"A good day starts with a good morning. It’s that simple. So no matter what I have lined up for the day, I know that I can tackle anything after I’ve had my AG1. Why? Because it’s simple too! High quality, clean plant based nutrition... that’s it."

AG1 Reviewed by

Health Experts

Health expert Tim Feriss

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, Health Expert, 4x #1 New York Times Best Seller, AG1 Partner

"I get asked all the time, if you could only use one supplement, what would it be? My answer is, inevitably, AG1. It is my all-in-one nutritional insurance. I recommended it in the #1 NY Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Body, and did not get paid to do so..."

Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais

Host Of Finding Mastery, High Performance Psychologist & Co-Founder of Compete To Create, AG1 Partner

"For years I’ve used plant based supplements. AG1 has the right combination of high grade micronutrients, absorption and taste. I mix it with water first thing in the morning, knowing that I’m starting my day with jam-packed nutrients that are hard to get in when I’m on the run. I would recommend AG1 to anyone that wants to perform at their optimum level, and live their healthiest life."

Dietitian Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Registered Dietitian, High Performance Team Red Bull, AG1 Partner

"Since I have been taking AG1 I haven't been sick, my energy is consistent throughout the day, and I don't feel tired in the afternoon like I used to. With 2 small children at home, being an NCAA basketball referee, and a full-time job as a sports dietitian, I often feel like I am burning the candle at both ends. AG1 has been a game changer for my mood, stamina, and provides the gut health and immunity support I need."

Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis

MD, Founder, Chairman, XPRIZE Executive Founder, Singularity University Co-Founder, Celularity and Human Longevity, Inc., AG1 Partner

"I LOVE AG1. It is an essential part of my morning routine and has saved me countless times while traveling. Not only is it a shortcut for eating right, it actually tastes *great*. One of my Moonshots is extending the healthy human lifespan, making 100 years old the new 60 using genomics and cellular medicine, but bluntly, it all begins with eating right, sleeping and exercise. AG1 is part of my core plan."

Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey

President of Cressey Sports Performance & Performance Coach to 100+ Pro Baseball Players, AG1 Partner

"As a coach, I love AG1 as 'nutritional insurance' for athletes who may unknowingly have holes in their diets. As a parent, entrepreneur, and avid lifter myself, I rely on AG1 as part of an approach to preserve a hectic lifestyle as a healthy lifestyle. It's a mainstay in my diet."

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

GP, Bestselling Author and Host of the 'Feel Better, Live More' Podcast, AG1 Partner

"If you are busy and want to take something each morning that gives you an insurance policy, I can highly recommend AG1. I love the company ethos, and the nutrition packed into each scoop is incredible and ensures you get your daily fill of high quality nutrients. It is the most nutrient dense whole food supplement I have come across and it tastes fantastic."